The curriculum at Riverton Primary Campus is enriched by the specialist programs Physical Education, Science, Japanese, EAL/D and Music.

Physical Education is part of everyday life at Riverton Primary Campus. Riverton recently was awarded third place for the 2018 “Most active Primary School Award in Western Australia”. This is evident with students being able to represent the school off campus in AFL, Soccer, Tennis, League Tag, Cricket, Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball and Netball.

We also have Physical Education Teacher Mr Tomasevich take each class from Pre Primary to Year 6 for allocated Physical Education sessions as well as an hour session a week for middle and senior sport. Students also participate in daily morning fitness, led by the Year 6s sports leaders under the supervision of their classroom teachers for 15 minutes before going into class.


Riverton Primary Campus offers a wide ranging and exciting music program from Pre Primary through to Year 6. Our focus is to develop children with both a love of music and an excellent foundation of music skills. Our Music Specialist, Mr Tim Davey is fulltime at Riverton Primary Campus.

In the Junior Years we focus on foundational skills including singing in the correct pitch using the Kodaly system, learning to play songs by ear on xylophone and both reading and playing of rhythm patterns. In the Middle Primary children use a wider range of instruments and begin reading music. Years 5-6 place greater focus on writing and playing their own music and learning how to play together with others.

Term Four every year we run the “Rivo’s Got Talent” talent show, where children from years 1-6 have the opportunity to showcase their individual musical and artistic talents.


Our school has an extensive instrumental music program provided by the School of Instrumental Music. It is a selective program whereby selected students begin free instrument lessons that can continue to year 12.  Years 3-6 have the option of violin and viola. Years 4-6 have cello and double bass on offer. Years 5-6 we have flute, clarinet and brass instruments.

Riverton Primary String Orchestra

The Riverton Primary String Orchestra is a very successful orchestra including students both from the schools string program and students who learn instruments out of school.

Riverton Primary Choir

The Riverton Primary Choir is made up of students from Years 3-6.  We have recently performed at Perth Arena for the “One Big Voice” concert and competed at the Octagon Theatre for the “Children Sing Festival”, as well as several smaller community events and school assemblies.

At Riverton PS, Japanese is taught to students from Years 3 – 6 for 60 minutes per week.  The programs focus on developing students’ communication skills and understanding of the Japanese language and culture.  Our Japanese teacher Ms Tsuzuki is passionate in providing students opportunities to experience authentic Japanese culture through various cultural activities such as cooking, Taiko drumming, sumo wrestling, kite making, dressing-up in Kimonos and art and crafts in class.  These activities provide greater cultural understanding, improve the learning experience and make learning fun.

STEM Is an education approach to learning that uses Science, Technologies, Engineering, Art and Maths for guiding inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.

Students are explicitly taught Science, Maths, Art and Technologies skills and understandings in individual lessons. This developed knowledge is then applied to real world contexts where students are encouraged to take thoughtful risks, engage in experimental learning, persist in problem solving, embrace collaboration and work through the creative process.

At Riverton Primary we encourage the students to employ problem solving skills to create, design and make our ideas and solutions come to life.

We strive to holistically develop students to become effective and creative consumers and creators of information and communication technologies, where teachers and students have access to a variety of digital technologies to enhance and redefine their learning across the curriculum.

At Riverton Primary Campus approximately sixty five per cent of our enrolment is from a non-English speaking background and there is a wide range of international representation in the school population. Countries of birth for some of the students include; Afghanistan, Bangladesh Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, New Zealand, Denmark, South Africa and China. Mandarin is the most common first language.

Forty nine percent of these students are part of the EAL/D program offered at Riverton Primary Campus. These students are supported by an EAL/D Department consisting of 3 specialist teachers. Students participate in learning experiences as part of a small group, in a classroom that contains EAL/D resources.