Riverton Primary Campus is situated in the heart of Riverton. Located near the river with spacious grounds, surrounded by trees. Riverton Primary Campus has embraced the idea that the school is the heart of the community and we welcome the wider school community onto our Campus.

We encourage our community to play an active part in the education and development of the students who attend our School. This wider community involvement assists in providing a rich learning environment for the students on the road to achieving their academic, social and emotional potential.

Riverton PS Enrolment

Application for Enrolment Riverton Primary SchoolGuidelines for Enrolment
Riverton Primary School Phone: 9237 2750
Email: riverton.ps@education.wa.edu.au

Riverton ESC Enrolment

Application for Enrolment Riverton ESC
Riverton ESC Phone number: 9237 2777
Email: riverton.ESC@education.wa.edu.au

Absentee Note

Please fill in the below Absentee link if your child is absent from school

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Find Us

Riverton Dental: 08 9457 5262

Address: 255 Corinthian Road East, Riverton WA 6148