Message from the Board

December 2017

Dear Parents and Community Members,

This message is in response to a number of questions from parents at our last all school assembly who asked “What does the School Board actually do? “

The best response to this is that the Riverton Primary Board is a group of volunteers who act as an accountability checkpoint for the management of our school.   For example; board members are able to ask questions about specific learning programmes; request data regarding school testing, have the results explained and ask about how the school is planning to address any areas of concern; and review and approve the School’s Parental Contributions and Charges list.

This year, as the first year as an Independent Public School, the big focus has been on final drafting the Mainstream and Educational Support Schools’ Business Plans. The Board oversees the development of the Business Plan for the Campus to ensure that it reflects the vision of the campus, and will meet the needs of the children into the future.    Whilst the Board does not write these plans, it does provide a place for the school staff team to ‘check in’, review and refine the work that they do, and each Business Plan must have the Boards’ endorsement.

To find out more please visit the school website under the tab School Board.

I feel privileged as chair of the School Board to represent a passionate group of people who all believe in creating a positive and inclusive learning environment for all of our children.

Kind Regards,

Claire Money-Horrocks

Board Chair

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