General Information - iPad BYOD Program Years 3-4 


Why iPads for Primary School Students? 

To prepare students to succeed in this ever changing world, students need to be able to think like entrepreneurs: resourceful, flexible, creative and global. The use of iPads across the school offers students another method of accessing and demonstrating learning. Riverton Primary consistently provides positive learning opportunities for students. We actively bring on board our students, teachers and community to integrate innovative technology into classroom practice to develop student participation and engagement. 

Why introduce a 1:1 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)? 

Introducing iPads across the school enables students to fulfil their potential, in a supported and supervised environment. BYOD does not reduce the highly valued role of the teacher. Teachers are the facilitators of learning and this approach is engaging, relevant and specific to meet student needs at any point in time. 


It is important to understand that the school’s 1:1 BYOD program is not compulsory. Students who do not have access to their own device will continue to share the school purchased iPads. Shared devices are not permitted to leave the school. 


English and Mathematics are top priorities at Riverton Primary School. The iPad will enhance and extend these skills, providing learning opportunities that students cannot access through traditional methods. Students will use their iPads for learning, not gaming. 


The 1:1 BYOD program at Riverton Primary is reliant on the use of familiar, compatible and common iPads across the school. This will enable teachers to support students with a set of familiar procedures and terminology that can flow into all classrooms and extend across all years over time. 


iPads are available from a wide variety of retailers. We have negotiated with Winthrop Australia to provide families the opportunity to purchase or lease. Accessories including cover, keyboard, Apple Pencil and AppleCare are available. 

APPLE iPads  

Riverton Primary has established an iPad culture in the school. This has included teacher professional learning, student use and hardware. Moving forward, the iPad offers many positives such as; Stability & Security. The iPad operating systems, App Store and the device itself has the reputation of being robust and intuitive. Apps are tested and updated regularly making them easily accessible across all versions. Many include flexible off-line access when a Wi-Fi connection is not available. Security features and restrictions provided by Apple through the device can be activated. Internet traffic will continue to be filtered by the Department of Education’s filter system.  


The iPad device is well suited to primary school aged students being transportable, easily managed, easy-to use and adaptable across a range of environments at home and school. The devices can be easily stored and used immediately making them highly responsive to supporting the learning environment. Apps recommended by the school are based on the needs of primary aged children and chosen for their dynamic and vibrant learning opportunities. 


The cost effectiveness of the iPad is a consideration. A new iPad (from approximately $440) can be used over a number of years. Devices used after primary school may require more complex programming and keyboarding suited to secondary education. 

If your family already has an iPad and you would like to send this to school with your child, you do not need to purchase a new device at this time – providing it is capable of operating within the required capacity and has IOS software version 13 or above installed. The recommended model is the iPad Air 7th generation, 128 GB non-cellular. Be aware, older iPads have limited functions and may not support the required apps or have the operating system for assisted learning in the current environment.   


Your iPad is not covered for damage or loss by the school or Education Department’s insurance policy. You should check your cover with your home and/or contents insurer. If you are purchasing a new device, you may wish to consider AppleCare for extra cover. A protective robust cover is also encouraged. 

Teachers will manage the use of the iPad in their classroom. Students will not be able to access their iPad during the day without supervision. Students are not allowed to use their iPads during lunch or recess without permission. It is expected that if you have purchased or leased a new iPad, you may have a limited warranty included. You could also purchase the AppleCare protection plan as an additional option. It is recommended that you discuss this with your supplier. 


The iPad will need to be charged ready to use each day. It is expected that this will happen at home in readiness for school the next day. iPads should be brought to school ready to use every day.  

JAMF School  

JAMF is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system that we will be installing on all student iPads. The MDM allows the School to download Apps and ‘push’ them onto your child’s iPad for use in school and at home. We are also able to manage student devices while they are in school to limit access to certain apps and websites and manage unnecessary distractions so that we can maintain continual delivery of our educational programs.  

There are benefits for parents too! The JAMF Parent App will allow you to restrict social media, text messages or gaming on your child’s iPad for a set period of time, allowing your child to complete study and homework without distractions. You also will be able to restrict websites and check if your child is online, a feature many parents will be pleased to have.  


Access to the internet is monitored by class teachers. Protections are in place via the Department of Education. These protections restrict students from accessing inappropriate content while connected to the school WIFI. However, no system is fool-proof. Students are provided with lessons about cyber-safety, appropriate use and a code of conduct that they need to respect. If students fail in their use of the iPad (or any shared device) their access to their device and the school network will be restricted.  

Teachers will have their own iPad and use Apple Classroom to manage and monitor the flow of activity. Apple Classroom is a powerful app for iPad that helps guide student learning, sharing of work and manages the devices. Teachers can control the launch of specific apps, websites or a textbook page on any iPad in the class. They can use the app to share work and see what students are working on. They are able to lock devices when necessary restricting access while the student is at school.  

MOBILE PHONE POLICY (Including Mobile Devices Such as iPads) 

The Department of Education’s Student Mobile Phones in Public Schools Policy has been in effect from the start of Term 1, 2020. In line with this policy, student iPads will be classified as a mobile device. This requires all public schools to implement a ban on the personal use of mobile phones/ devices for all students from the time they arrive at school to the end of the school day. The policy aims to reduce distractions in class and improve student engagement.   

If you need to contact your child or if they need to speak to you, this communication must be via the Front Office.  The Riverton Primary School Good Standing Policy emphasises the importance of students taking responsibility for the choices they make. Students who breach the Student Mobile Phones in Public Schools Policy may lose their Good Standing.