Our Vision

Riverton Primary Campus is an inclusive community where students work collaboratively in a rich learning environment to achieve their academic, social and emotional potential.

Our Purpose

We aim to foster an environment that is inclusive for all at our School. We believe providing opportunities for students to access all areas of the curriculum is a vital part of their learning and we have developed programs within our school aimed at ensuring the students have access to up to date ICT information and incorporate STEM across all curriculum areas.

We are proud of our all round educational achievement, as evidenced by consistently excellent National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) results.

We value the development of students across extracurricular activities and have a number of successful sporting teams where involvement in these teams provides balance in a Student’s life.

Our Values

Our School Values provide a strong foundation for building social responsibility and a sense of belonging through collaboration between student, family, school and the wider community.

The ethos of our school is embedded in our values of Inclusion, Innovation, Excellence, Collaboration, Positivity.