At Riverton Primary Campus, we prioritise inclusive mathematics education for all students, ensuring that they actively engage in problem-solving and inquiry-based learning. Our dedicated teachers serve as both guides and facilitators, empowering students to construct their own understanding of mathematical concepts. Through our partnership with universities, we deliver a comprehensive mental maths program that enhances students’ numerical abilities.

We believe that numeracy extends beyond the classroom and into everyday life. Mathematics equips students with the skills to investigate, reason, take risks, generalise, create, and evaluate solutions to real-world problems. Our aim is to instill confidence in students, enabling them to make informed choices regarding mathematical tools and resources when solving problems.

Our teachers align their lesson plans with the West Australian Mathematics Curriculum, ensuring that students grasp the key concepts at each year level. By providing a range of learning experiences in diverse contexts, we foster a deep understanding of number, algebra, measurement, geometry, statistics, and probability. Throughout these experiences, we embed the proficiency strands of Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving, and Reasoning, enabling students to develop well-rounded mathematical skills.

We recognise the importance of incorporating mathematics into everyday activities. From cooking and shopping to gardening, we encourage parents to seize opportunities for their children to engage with mathematics outside of the classroom. By asking questions such as “How did you work it out?” or “What will happen if…?”, parents can help their child make meaningful connections between mathematics and the real world.

We firmly believe in strong partnerships between families and schools when it comes to supporting students’ mathematical learning. We encourage parents to praise their child’s efforts in mathematics, understanding that mistakes are a natural part of the learning process. In a positive and supportive environment, mistakes serve as valuable learning experiences. When faced with challenges, we urge parents to encourage their child’s attempts, provide hints and clues, ask thought-provoking questions, and allow sufficient time for problem-solving.

At Riverton Primary Campus, we are committed to providing a comprehensive mathematics education that prepares our students for success, both academically and in their everyday lives.