Riverton Primary Campus encompasses two schools, Riverton Primary School and Riverton Education Support Centre. Both schools have a Principal and are allocated a separate budget for Individual schools. The School Board is a joint board with representation from both the Primary School and ESC. The P&C is large and active, again with representation from each of the schools on site. The Board and the P & C work together to ensure that our campus is inclusive for all students.

Riverton Primary Campus reflects the dual nature of the site and the consequent wide range of programs and facilities offered to the students. We believe we offer the ‘best of both worlds’ to students, as the students in Mainstream learn to become more accepting and understanding of  students with special needs and celebrate individual differences, while the students with disabilities have the capacity to socialise and spend time with their mainstream peers. This is important for immersion in natural language and socialization. The Campus has a wide range of students from different nationalities, and students who are classified as having English as an Additional Language comprise a large percentage of our student population. Approximately 65 % cents of our students are from a non-English speaking background and there is a wide range of international representation in the school population. Countries of birth for some of the students include; Afghanistan, Bangladesh Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, New Zealand, Denmark, South Africa and China.  These students are catered for within the classroom, with some additional withdrawal support from the English as An Additional Language Team.

The Education Support Centre has a high student / staff ratio which provides staff with the capacity to adapt the curriculum and ensure students are taught explicit skills outlined in their Individual Education Plans. Students in the mainstream engage in the Western Australian Curriculum and are governed by the Curriculum Council.

Students in the mainstream must be within their local intake area as per Education Department Regulations. Students who attend the centre do not have to be within an in- take area, but to receive transport, the centre must be the closest facility and have the room to enrol the students.

A feature of the school is the high percentage of parents, who willingly support the school on a regular basis. Communication with parents is by weekly newsletter, meetings, school web site, class notes, test books and packages, teacher/parent interviews, reports and a fortnightly assembly. We view parents as positive partners in their child’s education and we always love to see a high level of attendance by parents at regular school functions.


Yours Sincerely

Vicki Sturgeon – Riverton ESC Principal

Paul Grundy – Riverton PS Principal