What is P&C and what does it do?

Riverton Primary P&C is a group of people involving parents/carers, school staff and citizens of the Riverton community.
The P&C strives to provide better facilities and a harmonious environment for present and future students.
The P&C creates friendships within the school community, bringing people together.
The P&C supports safety of students through managing the Safety House programme, and implementing safe driving practices such as the drop off/pick up zone.
The P&C promotes various school and community events.
The P&C provides financial support for much needed resources for the school.
The P&C offers hands-on support to enhance the school environment.
The P&C is for the benefit of all the students.
The P&C builds strong partnerships with the school and community.

Enjoy the Experience of P&C

How much you do is up to you. It can be a little or a lot and will always be appreciated.
You can help the P&C by simply paying the P&C fees.
The P&C strives to support excellence in education, and provide a caring and stimulating environment for all children of Riverton Primary school.

P&C Meetings

The P&C meet on two Tuesday nights each term.  Notice is given in the school newsletter and signs are posted around the school. 
Discussions are held about the operation of the school and how the P&C can contribute.
The committee determines ways to support the teaching and learning programme.

P&C School Canteen

Rivo’s Hungry Hut is managed by the P&C. The canteen provides nutritious and delicious food to the school every day of the week and supports P&C organised events. The P&C employ staff to run the canteen and also relies on volunteers.

P&C Uniform Shop

Riverton Primary’s uniform shop is managed by the P&C. The uniform shop is an onsite facility that allows for the convenient purchase of uniforms and school specific items. The shop is run entirely by volunteers.

Everyone Welcome